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Water Chiller
Perfect for different applications, these Water Chillers deliver exceptional cooling power, enhancing efficiency and quality in spaces. These chillers ensure a reliable supply of chilled water to meet all your cooling needs. Featuring cutting-edge technology, our Water Chillers provide precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and robust construction.
Glycol Chiller
Boost cooling systems with our advanced Glycol Chillers. Perfect for industrial and commercial use, they offer precise temperature control and efficient heat transfer. These products are ideal for catering to the demands of brewing, dairy, pharmaceutical, and HVAC industries and so on.
Cooling Systems Repair and Maintenance Services
Ensure peak performance of your cooling systems with our expert Cooling Systems Repair and Maintenance Services. Our skilled team offers diagnostics, repairs, preventive maintenance, and upgrades. They can service chillers, HVAC units, and refrigeration systems.
Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Our Water Cooled Screw Chillers are ideal for industrial and commercial applications. They provide exceptional energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and quiet operation. They come with modern screw compressor technology and a compact, robust design.
Low Temperature Chiller
For attaining ultra-low temperatures, our Low Temperature Chillers are the best. They are designed for pharmaceuticals and research sectors as they ensures precise cooling down to -40°C. They come with advanced compressor technology, energy efficiency, and a user-friendly interface.
Air Cooled Water Chiller
Experience efficient cooling with our modern and smart Air Cooled Water Chillers. They are developed for removing the need for a separate cooling tower. They provide precise temperature control, energy efficiency, and unmatched cooling.
Air Conditioning AMC Services
Ensure year-round comfort with our matchless, cost-effective and affordable Air Conditioning Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) Services. Tailored for residential and commercial clients, our comprehensive plans cover routine inspections, cleaning, and preventive maintenance. With skilled technicians and flexible plans, we guarantee optimal performance, energy efficiency, and uninterrupted comfort for your air conditioning systems.
Shelter Cooling System
Provide complete safety and comfort in any shelter with our advanced Shelter Cooling Systems. Designed for emergency shelters and temporary housing, they provide efficient cooling even in extreme weather conditions. They are available in portable and energy-efficient designs.

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